Learn about our latest news

Learn about our latest news

A sustainable carbon future - Feedstock Transition for Harbor Industrial Cluster Rotterdam

23 December 2022
As the energy transition is gaining scale and speed, the feedstock transition poses an even greater challenge for decades to come. Power2X and Deltalinqs executed a feedstock transition study, in cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam and the Provincie Zuid-Holland, to identify key sustainable pathways, their relevance and scale-up potential, and the key actions for achieving a future sustainable feedstock system. Interested to learn more?
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Industrial hubs from grey to green

17 November 2022
The energy transition is set to change the industrial hub landscape. While some hubs are well-positioned to take on a role in a low carbon energy system, others may struggle to stay relevant. What will be the winning play: reinventing the established, or bolstering the new?
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Industrial-scale green hydrogen and ammonia development in Sines, Portugal

20 April 2022
Located in the Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone (ZILS), the project uses renewable energy and 500 MW of alkaline water electrolysis technology to produce 50,000 ton of green hydrogen and 500,000 ton of green ammonia each year.
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In addition, we have worked on business strategies, M&A support, energy solutions for buildings and mobility, and the development of an industry roadmap. Our clients usually are private and public companies, and we selectively accept work for (semi-) government or industry groups. 

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Learn about our latest news

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