We create and support projects to thrive in a sustainable energy future

Power2X is an accelerator of the energy transition realizing next generation energy assets at industrial scale for our business partners and ourselves

We focus on projects for clean and green molecules such as green (and blue) hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and biofuels. These projects change the way we produce energy, make products, and live our lives. Our intrinsically motivated team with a unique combination of deep technical and commercial know-how enables us to thrive in this rapidly evolving energy landscape. This means we get involved early on and bring capabilities and capital to realize large scale new energy projects.

We cover the full project development cycle from idea to control room

Power2x gets involved in industrial scale transitions along the full project development lifecycle. We deliver world class energy transition solutions from strategy to operations. Our involvement can be either as an external consultant or as project developer where we co-invest with our financial partner(s). Being present throughout the cycle, as both actor and advisor, is key in our ambition to realizing the energy transition.

We are active in several sectors from greenfield projects to site conversions

Energy &

Strategic players, investors, public stakeholders


Storage and transmission infrastructure

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