Industrial scale transition towards decarbonizing molecules

What we do

Power2X accelerates the energy and feedstock transition by delivering world class solutions from strategy to operation in all energy intense value chains. We do this by realizing large scale next generation energy assets and infrastructure for industrial decarbonization. Our involvement in these projects can be as an investor and project owner but also as an external advisor providing our clients with the decarbonizing solution they need. The types of projects range from greenfield development to site conversions in the energy intense sectors.

Power2X focuses on decarbonizing energy intense industries

We aim for fundamental, large-scale, and global impact


We decarbonize molecules

By developing new energy assets and infrastructure, we decarbonize molecules. The focus is on sustainable and low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and biofuels.


We focus on industrial scale

We support large-scale greenfield projects, major industrial site redevelopments, and decarbonization of large energy intense assets. In case of a project owner involvement, we look after projects with a €250+ million CAPEX.


We reach globally

With our experienced and diverse team, we execute projects globally with a main focus on projects in Europe and projects exporting to Europe. By decarbonizing industrial hubs on these locations primarily, most impact can be achieved.

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